3 New Smartwatches by Honor and Some 5G Phones are on their way in 2021


Most of us know that Honor is best known for its smartphones. However, it also has some great smartwatches that include Honor watch ES or watch GS Pro. A matter of fact and the fortunate thing is that soon in the year we are going to see more like these. 

The News

The news by GizChina showed that in recent times, Honor received the certification in China for several new products that include three 5G phones, a laptop, three new smartwatches, and a smart speaker. 

Up till now, we have not much idea about these products. But some pitchy details about the new honor smartwatches are the features of audio storage and playback functionality. 

Changed Owner

Until late 2020, Honor was under the eyes of Huawei, but now it belongs to an investment group. Following this, we cannot predict if the product will be launched all over the world outside of the company’s home country China. 


That’s great that Honor has confirmed getting Google Mobile Services on all its new smartphones. So this is likely that the company has planned worldwide. Typically, smartphones in china do not come with Google apps. In this regard, the company does not have any reason to discuss these things until and unless they planned to launch their new smartphones all around the world. 


What Can You Get?

Apart from this, the honor smartphones and smartwatches you can buy that are recently launched are;

Honor Magic Watch 2

If you are fond of exercising a lot and don’t seem to have a watch perfect fit for you, this is quite suitable. It has a robust suite of fitness features, making it an excellent choice for most sports. In fact, it has great battery life that makes it your partner for an extended period. 

Honor View 20

For now, this is the best Honor phone you can have. It boasts an intriguing smart camera with long-lasting battery life. Its high-quality camera makes it a piece of history. 

Honor 20 Pro

This device by Honor is a pro-level device. The phone boasts an extraordinary level of four camera array that makes sure to let you have high-quality images. In fact, it has a fingerprint sensor making it easy for you to use. 

Honor 9X

There is no relation between Honor 9 or 9x. This device’s battery life is also great, with its pop up camera making it unique. It comes under the list of affordable devices that gives you quite reasonable rates with a decent variety of features. 

Honor 9X


At the time when Honor was under Huawei, most of its smartphones were only get introduced in China or very sporadic releases in some selected countries all over the world. This makes it quite challenging for the fans to get the devices they actually want. 

However, this is not the case with the Honor smartwatches. In fact, Honor smartwatches are still available in several countries. Following this, everyone’s hopes are high that the future wearables by Honor should be available worldwide to let all the fans get their hand with ease. 

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