Three Reasons Why Foundation Repair Is Not Something You Should Do by Yourself

three reasons why foundation repair is not something you should do by yourself

If you own or live in a house, you have probably engaged in various do-it-yourself projects more than once. Doing all the necessary repairs around the house is tempting because it can help you save money and resources, and in the end, it makes you feel useful and proud of the work you have done with your hands. However, sometimes doing a project by yourself means that you are simply covering up a much bigger problem, especially when speaking of larger work such as foundation repair. Due to its specific structural integrity and the role it plays in ensuring the durability of your home, trying to repair it can cause further damage and even jeopardize your family’s safety. Regardless of how simple you think foundation repair is, here are three reasons why it would be better to leave it to the team of professionals.

1) Only an Expert Can Estimate Whether the Damage is Minor or Complex

Despite the fact that there is an abundance of articles and videos available online that can allegedly teach you how to estimate the severity and ultimately take care of foundation damage in your home, you need to remember that only a professional can tell a difference between a minor and a larger foundation problem. Apart from witnessing numerous problems alike during their career, professional estimators and repairmen possess specific tools for precise estimation. They have also undergone special training to recognize different types of foundation problems, which makes them credible to look at the symptoms and act accordingly.

When speaking of the highest-quality estimation and laying the groundwork for a perfect home, is a service that offers everything you need. Backed by 40 years of foundation repair experience, their licensed contractors offer free consultations and estimates, which means coming to your home and thoroughly inspecting the condition of your foundation. After they give you a comprehensive analysis, professionals will walk you through the whole repair process, guaranteeing high-quality repair services for residential and commercial foundations as well as other home improvement needs. With the assistance of the most advantageous modern technology, team of professionals guarantees swift delivery and reliable outcomes that will lay all your concerns to rest.

Although some foundation problems are straightforward and will require a simple repair, your house might need a more complex solution, such as piering or underpinning. Depending on the process your foundation repair requires, it is not wise or possible for you to do it yourself with a set of tools that can be found in a hardware store. Even though many websites offer various foundation repair kits or starter packs, this kind of work which deals with the most essential part of your house can not depend on cheap equipment, as some job sites even require excavation or epoxy injections. Again, this only means that getting in touch with the foundation repair expert is the best and wisest decision you can make once you notice that the construction of your home has gotten worse.


2) DIY Foundation Repairs Do Not Include a Warranty

Even though you may think that doing foundation repair by yourself can save you some money, it does not come with a warranty in case of an unexpected event such as soil consolidation, water leaks, or poor drainage. When it comes to construction work, safety should be your topmost priority, which is why it is important to not only hire a team of professionals but choose a foundation repair service whose work includes a warranty. We recommend doing thorough research about the contractor’s reputation, as well as hiring a contractor who offers a wide range of services.

A warranty is also an important factor when it comes to real estate transactions, meaning that a great number of potential buyers will not want to buy a house that does not include a construction warranty. This is why you have to make sure that your foundation repair service offers repairs covered by a lifetime transferable warranty, which means the constructor will repair all the damages even if you decide to sell your home, which is convenient for both you and the new house owners.


3) You Can Injure Yourself or Cause Additional Damage to Your Home

As previously mentioned in several instances, safety is one of the most important reasons for giving up the idea of repairing your home’s foundation by yourself. Although it might be hard to admit that you might not know what to do if your foundation cracks or the wall starts to lean on the side, it is easier than causing yourself an injury or something even worse because you did not know what you were doing.

Apart from potentially endangering yourself and your family, engaging in inadequate foundation repairs can cause additional damage to your home and therefore cost you even more money once you are forced to call a foundation specialist to undo the damage you have caused. Think about it, if you are not sure what you are doing and need to watch an online tutorial on how to repair your home’s foundation, it is likely you do not possess the set of skills required for the job.

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Engaging in small do-it-yourself projects around the house can not be a bad idea, but when it comes to foundation repair, it is a job that needs to be left to a team of highly-skilled professionals. Foundation really is the most important part of your house, which is why fiddling with it by yourself can cause you unwanted problems, whether we are talking about injuries or additional damage to your home. Not only do licensed constructors possess a set of skills for better estimation, but also have a years-long experience behind them which helps them assess the specific damage and therefore undertake the right steps. And you have to admit, they probably possess a set of cutting-edge tools that cannot compete with the ones that you found in your basement.