3 Common Causes of Data Loss and How To Prevent Them

3 Common Causes of Data Loss and How To Prevent Them

The availability of information and data in this day and age is phenomenal! Thanks to technology, we can store terabytes of data on devices smaller than our hands. Despite this astonishing development, the loss of data is also a common occurrence.

In the world of business, data loss can have devastating effects. Business owners need to be aware of potential pitfalls that can lead to lost data as well as steps to take for data recovery, if possible.

But don’t panic! This article will provide you with 3 of the most common causes of data loss and some ways to prevent and even recover them. So keep reading to find out more.

1. Human Error

There is a variety of ways that human error can cause data loss. Employees may accidentally overwrite or delete important files. Drinking around expansive equipment may lead to spillages. In this regard, it’s vital to regularly train your employees in data management and processing. When your employees have a clear and user-friendly data management system and are frequently reminded how to use it, errors will decline.

Automating as many functions as possible will certainly help in reducing human errors in this regard. If there are data management functions that can be done by software, it’ll take the pressure off your employees’ workload. Find ways to work smarter and not harder!

In this kind of situation, the ability to recover data is quite possible. Simply checking the recycle bin might be enough. In more complicated events, a data recovery company might be able to track down any files that have been accidentally deleted.

Another suggestion is to create a space where workers can drink rather than leave them near their computers. This will ensure that fewer spillages will occur, thereby reducing data loss even further.

2. Theft and Hacking

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Hacking and theft are other forms of negative human interaction not to be overlooked. When it comes to physical theft, anti-theft software would be ideal for your company’s devices. This kind of software allows you to track your device, making it easier to be retrieved it from the police.

With regards to hacking—digital theft—avoid weak passwords and using servers with little or no security. Taking the time to update your security software when it’s suggested by the developers is crucial for keeping unwanted visitors out.

There are not many data recovery solutions if you’re unable to recover your devices. But the right security systems will ensure that sensitive information will be a challenge to access.

3. Software and Hardware Failure

This section covers a wide array of possible failures from formating issues, viruses, and even power outages. While these kinds of failures are a natural part of our technological world, the quality of your defense is what will minimize the damage caused by such failures.

Good quality backup software that systematically saves data to a cloud server will ensure that not all is lost in the event of a power outage or the like. Cloud-based technology should never be taken for granted in the current business world. While certain challenges will be out of your control when it comes to hardware damage and software corruption, cloud-based services are one of the greatest data recovery solutions around.

Don’t Let Data Loss Sink Your Ship!

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Information and data are the lifeblood of modern business. If you don’t have the right tools to prevent and recover data loss, you could be single-handedly destroying your company’s future. Taking the time to train your workers and investing in the best quality software will ensure that your business keeps its head above water.

So, keep up-to-date with the latest on cybersecurity and data management by sticking with our site for more articles like this one.